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life_death_and_albion: (We will come to your land) (Default)
  • We will come to your land
Comment: We will come for your king
life_death_and_albion: (It bleeds light and hope)
  • It bleeds light and hope
Comment: It is such a beautiful sight
life_death_and_albion: (He bleeds light and fades away)
  • He bleeds light and fades away
Comment: You should see it. It's a beautiful sight
life_death_and_albion: (We drink the sounds you give us)
  • We drink the sounds you give us
Comment: We give thanks for your desperation
life_death_and_albion: (You are made of sand)
  • You are made of sand
Comment: You are coming apart between our fingers
life_death_and_albion: (Blindness is our gift to you)
  • Blindness is our gift to you
Comment: It is the most blessed state of being
life_death_and_albion: (It doesn't matter if you leave)
  • It doesn't matter if you leave
Comment: Your heart your lungs your thoughts will all be blackened
life_death_and_albion: (Dead fingers talk)
  • Dead fingers talk
Comment: Dead fingers whisper dead fingers claw at one million eyes
life_death_and_albion: (Your strength is ebbing away)
  • Your strength is ebbing away
Comment: We can feel it
life_death_and_albion: (You can never escape darkness.)
  • You can never escape darkness.
Comment: It flocks to you always.
life_death_and_albion: (Now do you see how worthless you are?)
  • Now do you see how worthless you are?
Comment: How you’ve earned the shadows?
life_death_and_albion: (What happens to this piece of flesh)
  • What happens to this piece of flesh
Comment: When darkness touches its soul?
life_death_and_albion: (You are tainted)
  • You are tainted
Comment: Tainted...broken little toys...
life_death_and_albion: His resting face believe it or not (Petals falling into the river)
  • Petals falling into the river
Comment: You are the flowers the children will pick and cast into dead water
Description: His resting face believe it or not
life_death_and_albion: (Do you feel the grip of terror clawing?)
  • Do you feel the grip of terror clawing?
Comment: Hush, hush soon there will be nothing